We educate for confidence. Your daughter is unique; we foster her individuality. She is happy, she succeeds, she flourishes. We are proudly and intentionally a small school where each girl is known and where each girl gets big opportunities. Neither anonymity nor mediocrity is an option here.

In this very demanding world your daughter needs to be aware of the pressures she may face and be able to respond to these in an informed, educated and moral way. In this world where there are so many trivialities each girl needs to have clear values and a love of learning which enables her to grow. She needs to be confident of herself, her abilities and her ideas, and able to express and further develop these throughout her life. She should not be afraid to take risks and to push herself out of her comfort zone. She should be aware of the needs of others and of the environment. The staff work as a team to help your daughter become an informed and active member of society – someone who can make a difference.

The staff at Farlington is the School’s greatest asset. We are fortunate to have a strong team of dedicated teachers and support staff who are all working to provide the best education and environment for the pupils. The staff’s commitment to their specialised areas is second to none, and their pastoral care for and interest in the girls is embedded in all we do. Farlington offers a superb, holistic education but we are not complacent; we are committed to the continuous development and improvement of our delivery of that education.

We are proud of our broad intake and the amount of value that we add. We do not believe in compartmentalised education; social, moral, physical, spiritual and cultural growth are not separate from what happens in the classroom. Farlington girls are listened to, inspired and understood as individuals. We believe in creative thinking and the true application of education. Each child is helped to develop their individual identity and to find success in every direction. We encourage girls, and boys in the nursery, to raise their own expectations of achievement. Our approach involves excellent teaching coupled with clearly set targets and positive encouragement throughout their school life. Clear lines of communication ensure a successful partnership between home and school.

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