Zambia Training Weekend

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of March the Year 11 and Sixth Form Zambia group travelled to East Dean in the South Downs for a weekend of camping and hiking. We met our Leader ‘Lorraine’ who will be travelling with us to Zambia in July. We did many team building exercises that taught us how to work together as a group to complete a task. On the first day we walked across the South Downs learning how to read maps and navigate effectively. Our team skills were also pushed to the limit when trying to cook dinner outside for 16 people in the dark! After a successful meal we then headed to the tents for an early night.  A frost soon covered the tents and temperatures plummeted!

The group survived the cold night and were rudely awoken by some very loud birds in the trees above the campsite! The promise of porridge and pancakes in the morning lifted spirits and prepared the team for the long day ahead. During the morning trek the Zambezi River almost became a reality (!) when we hit a very large flowing stream heading down the footpath. We successfully managed to climb across bank and make a path across the water using branches to prevent us getting too wet. The team then headed back to camp with soggy shoes and muddy trousers for yet more food.

The weekend was very successful, all though a little cold and we all learnt a lot. Most of us improved our navigational skills and we all work a lot better as a team now.

Kate Jones and jenny Hardy

Zambia Training Weekend


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